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JAS Partners was founded in 2006. We have delivered analytic systems for service business since 2011. In Finland our analytic systems are used to determine business profitability for real estate management and retail stores.

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Utilization Rate Management

Transforming Utilization into Efficiency

The utilization rate of buildings, cafes, staff restaurants, office spaces and other service facilities and points can be monitored with high precision 3D optical sensors. Adult and child visitors can be separated in visitor information. Tracking is done in fully anonymous manner.

Mobile Queueing

Transforming Queueing into Experience

VisitorXperience mobile queuing solution brings queuing information to your client's smartphone. The solution is based on a smart web program and therefore does not require any installations on the client's smartphone. This lowers considerably to the customer's threshold to take application into use. The VisitorXperience mobile queuing program will alert you when a customer's turn is approaching the service point. The alarm will work even if the phone is not actively open but in a pocket or handbag.

Case Studies: Utilization rate

Utilization Rate of Culture Facility

The continuous monitoring of the utilization rate of culture and club facilities was to be organized in a reliable way. A VisitorXperience sensor was installed at the entrance of the premises, which calculates the incoming and outgoing flow of people at an anonymous rate of 98% to 99%.

Statistics is collected based on gathered information. Utilization rates can be analysed with in 15 min precision and in real time. Utilization rate information is important factor in terms of resources needed to ensure positive visitor experience.

Adult and child visitors were separated in visitor information so that one is able to ensure the success of his events in right target age group. Furthermore adult/child utilization rates can be separated as well as more comprehensive visitor profile information is available for budgeting purposes. Visitor and utilization rate information can be compared between different periods of time, weather or location.

Collected statistics can be used effectively in decision-making when allocating budget resources, timely use of human resources, ensuring the adequacy of facility size, reporting of utilization of premises, and future planning of facility use.

Utilization Rate of Library

Libraries can track number of book loans but today libraries have much more variety in services that they deliver than simply lending books.

It is no longer sufficient for libraries to have only yearly statistics on visitor information, but the needs have gone towards getting real-time statistical information.

Furthermore statistics on child visitors would help focusing services and resources of libraries. Knowledge on effect that weather has on visitor count would help to predict plan resource needs. It is hard and costly to collect visitor information with manual methods or conventional sensor equipment (e.g. IR gates). In addition, accurate predicting of visitor traffic of events will help to cope with the peaks in the right way.

Statistics are generated from the collected data, which can be used to determine the utilization rate of the space at any given time, up to 15 minutes accuracy.

In tracking on e wanted to distinguish between adults and children so that one is able to

- Ensure the success of events

- Child / Adult municipal customers ratio relative to the number of visitors

- In order to make the necessary investments, the budget requires more accurate and real visitor profile information in addition to quantitative information in support of the arguments.

On-line tracking of the number of visitors to maintain the required service level, especially in exceptional situations, such as events, is very important for smooth running of the events. Collected statistics can be used effectively in decision making; When targeting investments, timely allocation of human resources, reporting of utilization of premises and future planning of the use of premises.

Utilization Rate of Sports facility

Tracking of real numbers of visitors in sport centres and halls is challenging for facility managers.

Facilities that are rented out to sport clubs are especially challenging because clubs usually don’t collect precise statistics on visitors attending to exercises or games. It is hard and costly to collect visitor information with manual methods or conventional sensor equipment (e.g. IR gates).

Usually, the most popular types of indoor sports are ball games and swimming activities, but the benefits of user tracking can be found in all indoor sports venues.

Public swimming pools can already keep track of visitors, because of all the customers redeem swimming locker and register as visitors. On the other hand, all sporting competitions, public events or non-swimmers in the swimming pools generally do not require registration, and analyzing these visitor numbers without an advanced system is pretty much impossible.

Typical potential overflow situations include, for example, youth swimming competitions where swimmers' parents and close relatives want to be involved. Ballgame halls usually do not have any kind of accurate tracking of visitor numbers and it can easily lead to over-or under-maintenance.

From the total visitor number information could be directly seen or evaluated:

  • -Changing rooms and shower facilities utilization rates

  • -Most popular ball games facilities and their utilization rates

  • -Maintenance need for sanitary facilities

  • -Anticipating wearing of game hall facilities and anticipating it in budgets

The collected statistics can be used effectively in decision-making when allocating budget resources, timely use of human resources, reporting of utilization of premises and future planning of premises.

Real estate facility management

Location assessment - Profitability to maintain proxy post office in retail store was measured and analyzed. Three VisitorXperience sensors was used to measure customers footfall and visiting paths to shop, to proxy post office and between post office and shop. After analyses it was found out that proxy post office in retail store brought 20% more customers to store. 10x Return of Investment as 90 k€ investment led to 800 k€ sales boost.

VisitorXperience solution enables continuous tracking of the utilization rate of real estate properties 24/7. Data retrieved from utilization rate tracking can be used to optimize property expenses in companies.

Case Study: Mobile queueing

Mobile queue of on demand barber shop

A hyper market has barber shop in it’s conjunction. Barber shop works from on demand basis. There is no time reservation but customers arrive as they will and take their place in queue.

One haircut lasts at least half an hour, so, even couple of customers in queue means almost one hour waiting. VisitorXperience mobile queueing solution was installed in barber shop to free customers from queue to do active shopping in hyper market instead.



It is impossible to track utilization rates precise enough in cost efficient way if human labour is used. Conventional way is to use manual counting samples but they don’t give comprehensive picture on utilization profile of facility.


VisitorXperience offers automated utilization rate tracking with 98% precision. Results can be used for credible decision making that is based on solid facts that VisitoXperience solution offers. Easy to use analytics software enables fast and comprehensive analysis of statistics.


The decision on budget allocation may be based on the statistical data collected and actual utilization rates. In addition, maintenance costs (cleaning, heating, other maintenance, customer service resources, etc.) can be optimized according to utilization rates. Human resources can also be targeted in the right way in the right place in a timely manner.

Queue management


The challenge is that customers tend to gather around queue number monitors for not to lose their turn when it approaches. Despite of queueing numbering system customer is still more or less passively waiting for his/her turn in the immediate neighborhood of queueing system.


VisitorXperience provides solution to virtualize the ordered queue by providing queueing information to customer’s smartphone. Solution is based on intelligent Web application and thus doesn’t need any installations on the customer’s smartphone lowering the barrier for customer to take solution into use. VisitorXperience Web application alarms when customer’s turn in queue approaches even if phone is not open. It can be even customer’s pocket or purse giving that alarm sound and possibly vibrate function is in use.


VisitorXperience Solution frees customer from passive waiting in a queue to do active shopping. It improves customer experience since he/she does not even feel that he/she is queueing. Retailer can monetize passive queueing time of his/her customers and thus get more active shopping time.


Intelligent and Interactive - attract the customer’s attention

Multiply in-store points of contact for information, entertainment, advertisement and customer interaction.

Utilization rate and queueing information can be displayed at info screens around service location or on customer’s mobile device or company’s web site.


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